From: Stacy Seah
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2008 12:20 PM
To: Maria Papadaki
Cc: 'Aaron Tan'
Subject: RE: A warm hello from Greece!


Really great to hear from you!  Really do miss you and your team!  Event Makers DMC is one company that I would definitely recommend and go back to should we have any groups to Athens in the future…definitely!  The experience and support that you have lend us was really much needed and great.

Am very glad for you that Yannis is with you!  Just like your team and you especially, Yannis is definitely a person with the heart in the way he deals with his clients…so am glad to know that he has joined a company that can match his strength…am sure you will go very far and excellent with such a strong team.

Do send my love and blessings to Yannis and do tell him that he has made the best and right decision to join Event Makers DMC!  It is not about how big the company is but how big is the heart of the company! J

Much blessings & love to all of you at EM! J

God Bless,

Stacy Seah

DMC Director

Spinergy Destination Management Company (S) Pte. Ltd

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