Corporate policy of Event Makers DMC is the timely, comprehensive, qualitative and efficient performance of services to customers, suppliers, partners and any kind of transaction and cooperation with all parties interested.

As per this Quality Policy, Event Makers DMC Management is committed to:

  • Offer reliable services
  • Ensure high quality services provided with quality features in all its processes
  • Have continuous improvement on quality and characteristics of the services offered and in accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality System that requests and is related to all processes, procedures, events and follow-up actions that the company applies
  • Communicate correctly and extrovert the services provided, the achievements and the high evaluation of the company to the interested parties and partners
  • Create trust between the Company and the civilians, the suppliers and any interested party, as well as the development of long-term, comprehensive and creative cooperation ties between them
  • The systematic definition of quality axes and objectives, the achievement of which will be reviewed at regular intervals with the aim of continuous performance improvement
  • The establishment, documentation and review of objectives and goals for the quality of the operation of the company, its staff and any of its partners
  • The allocation of the necessary resources to maintain and improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System implemented by the company and the impact on the services provided
  • The continuous improvement and modernization of the services provided, and the means used
  • The introduction of innovations that will improve the level of service according to European standards, good practices, innovative ideas and the use of modern technological tools
  • The participation of the company's personnel in the requirements of the Quality System and the overall contribution and commitment of the company to the continuous consolidation and improvement of the efficiency of the services provided

For the implementation of the Quality Policy, the company considers important, the customers’ needs observation of its customers, the evaluation of the services it offers and the overall operation of the company with the active participation of personnel under the supervision of the company's Management, regarding compliance, development and documentation of all of the procedures provided by the Quality System and applied by the company.

Event Makers DMC's Quality Policy is known to all the personnel and is available to anyone interested.