Dear Eventmakers team,

We would like to thank you for your support from Maria, Jelka and Angela for our Global Network Sales Summit in Athens which was a great success for us!! We got really great feedback from our clients.

Your contribution was more than professional and excellent! Your pre event support was great, the contribution from Jelka during our conference and especially our evening at the  Zappeion Megaron. Maria you did here a fantastic job and it was really challenge because of the weather to set up  everything in time with the back up in the hall. The audiovisual company at the conference worked really great and the solution to changes the projector and screen to the plasma at the Zappeion was the right solution. Please tell the caterer company many many thanks, their service was professional, the set up of the tables looks great and the food was delicious. Many thanks as well to the DJ – the music was great and to the guides Please tell the whole team that we was really satisfy with their service.

The photographer lady was superb! The decision to take the picture inside the Zappeion was a really great solution.

I have never worked before with such a great and professional company and the best thing is it makes besides the work really fun to work with Maria and Jelka.

I look forward to a future work and please let’s keep in touch!

I called our finance department this morning to send you today the last outstanding payment. Please send me the open amount of the rest and a whole final invoice with all the positions.


The funny thing was that I went to the Acropolis the other day and showed my colleagues our event place Zappeion. I realized that there was suddenly a roof J as you see attached.

Maria: Did you get my sms yesterday?

If you need any testimonial please let me know.

Elisa Funck
Director of Marketing
Digital River GmbH