Dear Maria,

So I hope you are well. I am now in Kazakhstan and things are interesting to say the least.

Many thanks for the answers. When I have some spare time I will give this quiz a go.

With regards to the support that you gave for our recent event I just want to formally thank you and your team for all of you help. I know at times we were all in difficult situations and at no point did I take you or your team for granted, however with the great attitude that you have and the great understanding of the business, with your support and help these situations were not as awkward as they could have been and I sincerely thank you for this.

It is always a pleasure to work with people who have the same goal as my self and this is clear. The success of an event! Right from the beginning I knew that this was your ethos and at no point did you let me down, again highlighting that it was a true pleasure to work with you.

Please be sure to thank all of the team that were involved with support for this event. It was a huge team effort.

I will of course be in touch in the future if there is any chance of us working together.

Once again many thanks for all of your hard work .

Kind regards

Melvin Worth

Event Organiser

Metal Bulletin Events