I am writing this letter on behalf of Ms. Maria Papadaki the General Manager for Event Makers DMC, Greece.    For two years we worked together on one of the most complicated programs in our corporate history – the 2008 Athens Gold program.    By any standards this was a world class program and one that would be demanding for any agency.  Ms. Papadaki agency rose to the challenge and took on each level of the program with professionalism, customer service, energy, enthusiasm and creativity.   Over the time we worked together I have spent a great deal of time with Ms. Papadaki and her team and even now I’m still amazed and impressed by their commitment and professionalism.

To give you some points of consideration for the program:

  • 13 Hotels
  • 2,500 guests rooms per night
  • 4,700 guests from 60 different countries
  • 14 core languages
  • 5 conference days ranging in size from 150 to 3,700
  • 2 hosted catering functions for 4,700 people
  • 3 day cruises for 800 pax per day

Coordination of transportation, customer service, catering, entertainment, logistics, government relations and team management.

As with all programs we started from the simplest of first meetings – a conversation.  Over the space of 2 years we are in contact on a daily basis and met at least once every two months.  The program was challenging, overwhelming, and at times even frustrating.  Ms. Papadaki was tireless in always trying to find the best possible solution for every situation.  Together we explored every possible venue, option, and angle in order to accommodate the group in the best possible way.  Ms. Papadaki worked as a team mate striving to understand our budgetary needs and working on solutions that matched our expectations.  She was also an excellent speaking partner in helps of translating local reality to match the expectations of our group.

Working with our other sub-contractors Ms. Papadaki was always helpful, giving of her time and generous in her efforts.  We had subcontracting team from all over Europe working on the project and Ms. Papadaki and I were working closely to coordinate this diverse volume of communication and coordinate the efforts of our various team.  Many of the best parts of the program were based on Ms. Papadaki working with us to create solutions that work.  She understands the needs of the client and is willing to play out many difference scenarios and options and evolve those with us.

Once the program was finalized Ms. Papadaki then managed her team very closely in terms of the actual program delivery.  The program, in a word, was exhausting and demanded reserves of energy that made one feel that one was running a marathon.   The goal was always in-site, the energy was there but in order to make something this big happen it takes the internal drive of a few key players to make it happen.

The program was delivered on site impeccably.  The program logistics were perfect and the command of the transportation, accommodations and customers service units was strong, professional and without question.  The job was done, it was done well, and it was done exactly as contracted and more.  Any situation could be put forward to Ms. Papadaki’ team and then dealt with this in with speed, ease and a sense of humour and good will.

The 2008 Athens program was rated as one of the best in the company’s history.  I would agree having managed our global programs for the last six years I’m aware of the crucial role that the local suppliers play in the execution of our events.   Events Makers did a superb job .  

I recommend Event Makers DMC without any hesitation, with full support and I would welcome the chance to work with them again.  I do not believe there is a better supplier in Greece.  I now consider Ms. Papadaki to be a valued supplier, colleague, and most importantly now – friend.   You know that if Event Makers DMC handles the project it will be managed at a world class level.

Kind Regards,

Peter Kropp

International Conference and Events Manager

Oriflame Cosmetics