Destination: Athens
Number of participants: 11.000
Year of Materialization: 2007

Event makers DMC was assigned to undertake travel logistics of all Liverpool funs travelling to Athens for Champions League 2007 Europe's premier club football tournament.

This extra demanding project was assigned to Event Makers DMC only 2 months prior to the event, after the program announcement of the football tournament.  Event Makers DMC took care of all travel arrangements for 7.000 participants including accommodation, airport transfers  etc.

Moreover Event Makers DMC coordinated all arrivals in Eleutherios Venizelos airport in Athens for 11.000 participants. Flights were arriving every 10 min. on a 24 hour basis.  For the departure flights a special section VIP gate in El. Vel. Airport was arranged in order to facilitate Liverpool fans. Take offs were made every 10 min. right after the end football game.  Airport transfers for departure flights were accurate arranged and despite the big number of participants and difficulties in handling football funs all flights took off as scheduled.  It is interesting to report that cleaning staff special arranged after the game, swiped away  more than 100.000 beer cans.