Destination: Athens
Number of participants: 30
Year of Materialization: 2009

This event was assigned to Event Makers DMC after winning the competition amongst the best agencies in Greece. It is remarkable to mention the determination of Honda to cooperate with us that decided to postpone the timing of their event in order to match availability of Event Makers DMC busy schedule at that moment.

Event Makers DMC not only stood up to their client’s expectations but over exceeded them, achieving recognition and admitting that it was worth waiting for.

Event Makers DMC perfectly organized a gala dinner in Zappeion for 30 Honda VIPs. The great achievement of this special night was to transform a venue of usually hosting 500 people to a cozy and warm environment for 30. Special set up was designed to match with the needs of this event giving the preferable atmosphere and the desired essence of privatizing the venue. Special furniture and table set up along with special lighting and top notch entertainment services transformed the event into the ultimate VIP experience.