Destination: Crete
Number of participants: 25 VIP
Year of Materialization: 2011

UPC Incentive Special Gala dinner eventEvent makers DMC undertook special arrangements for making an extra ordinary gala dinner for 25 VIP of UPC company, with one and only aim to create a memorable one of a kind event.

UPC Incentive Special Gala dinner event In order to amaze our guests we run the extra mile and managed to arrange a gala dinner in a non inhabited small island near Spinalonga famous island of Crete. Due to super WOW arranged accommodation in Elounda we were asked to find a venue even better to host a gala dinner night.

Event Makers DMC made it happen. A private boat transferred the VIP guest to the small island while a cocktail took place on board. Guests arrived and guided though a narrow stone path lit by candles to the gala dinner area. Special set up of gala dinner tables decorated with special decors, special entertainment - live band with generator function and fireworks were installed to make a gala dinner unique and worth remembering.

Guests enjoyed the most of this night and the feedback was impressive.

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