The island of Kos lies in the eastern side of the Aegean Sea. Most famous for its picturesque mountain communities, its hospitable citizens and its richness in historical findings Kos is a well-known and favoured destination for tourists all around the world.

The Town of Kos is built in the North Eastern end of the island and is structured both with ancient and modern buildings that coexist in perfect harmony. The streets are wide, lined with trees and suitable for both cycling and walking. Along the central coastal road lies the little harbour of the town, where excursion boats embark their passengers for daily excursions to nearby islands of Kalymnos and Nisyros.

The shores of Kos are long and caressed by lengthy immaculate and sandy beaches with clean waters, leading to its main industry being tourism. The grater sights of the island are Nerantzia Castle, Hippocrates plane tree, Asklepieion archaeological site and Roman Odeon ancient ruins. Due to the local culture and traditions different events, festivals and exhibitions take place on the island throughout the year. Visitors also enjoy water sports, Bubble Beach’s natural healing wells and a vibrant and restless nightlife to the different spots around the island. As an all-offering island, Kos also manages to successfully combine a heritage of traditional products along with the latest technological advances. Within those goods and services, local cousin is at the top and must not to be missed by anyone.

It is not but true, that when a today's visitor lives the island of Kos cannot help but having an immense desire to revisit the island for a little bit more!

Kos is a MICE Destination that perfectly business and leisure. The Convention Centre offers a 1400 m2 plenary room, one of the largest convention centers in Greece and a large number of facilities that can accommodate demanding events.


  • Kos Island International Airport, "Hippocrates" KGS